The New York Times has been covering the Foxconn story from all angles. The inspection report by the Fair Labor Association is seen as thorough and has raised the issue of official unions in China in addition to long hours and other problems. Its expected that any improvements made as a result at Foxconn could lead to higher standards in similar companies! But then they raise the spectre of a labour shortage: “Labor shortages are already so acute in many Chinese industrial zones that factories struggle to find enough people to operate their assembly lines. Factories often pay fees to agents who try to recruit workers arriving on long-haul buses and trains from distant provinces.” Shortage of workers – or just that workers are no longer willing to work long enough hours, at low enough wages, without bona fide representation?


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  1. […] are able to use whatever they can in struggling to better their conditions. In the case of Foxconn (see earlier posts), threatening suicide seems to have become an important tactic. Forbes, meanwhile, is […]

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